integrative approaches to infertility

Course is approvED for 9.5 HOURs of continuing education credit by:

CNDA (California Association of Naturopathic Doctors), Oregon board of naturopathic medicine & and the college of naturopaths of ontarIO

includes 8.5 hours of general hours (1.5 self study) and 1.0 hours of pharmacy hours.

Infertility rates are on the rise for both men and women.  Today, nearly 1 in 8 couples are struggling to get pregnant.  But even more concerning is the fact that human health is also on the decline- and these are intertwined like chicken and egg.

Conventional medicine's approach to infertility is to use drugs and medical interventions like IUI and in-vitro fertilization to skirt around the patients' sub-fertility and "get them pregnant".   This could be problematic, as it does not address the underlying factors that lead to infertility in the first place.  Integrative medicine takes a different approach.  While patients may be encouraged to use IUI or IVF to increase their odds of pregnancy, the foundation of this care is in improving the health of mom and dad, and thus of egg and sperm, to improve fertility and have a healthier child.

This course provides you with what you need to know about conventional fertility treatment (the process, the meds, etc) so that you can competently collaborate and focuses on the naturopathic and functional approach to evaluating and treating infertility.  When a patient is diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency and recommended to use an egg donor at age 33, who asks "why"?   YOU DO!  When a woman's cycle is to short to allow for implantation, who digs deeper to help her restore balance?  YOU DO!  Or at least, you WILL after this course!

This course features the following lessons:  

 Introduction to Infertility

Foundational Preconception Care

Evaluation of the Infertile Female

Treatment of Female Infertility (PCOS, menstrual imbalance, amenorrhea, and more!)

Egg Quality, Premature Ovarian Insufficiency, and Fertility over Fourty

 Evaluation of the Infertile Male

Treatment of Male Infertility

Managing Miscarriage and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

With TONS of Bonus Content, Including:

  • Additional SELF-SERVE VIDEO CONTENT, accessible online through the course website

  • 80 Minute Materia Medica for the Fertility Practice class, covering the top herbal medicines you'll want to know for your practice

  • 80 minute Practice & Patient Management in the Infertility Practice class, sharing Dr. Chasse's methods for patient management and clinic operations

  • Dr. Chasse's First Office Visit Charting Guide, walking you through patient intake, physical exam, and labs for a new fertility patient

  • Dr. Chasse's Fertility Dispensary Guide- featuring her favorite products, dosing, and more!

  • Fertility Practice Tips Guide: Featuring 15 of the TOP strategies to grow a bustling and successful fertility practice

  • Lab Interpretation Guide: Dr. Chasse's evidence-based "cheat sheet" to compare your patients to their OPTIMAL versus "normal" lab values

  • Botanicals for Reproductive Health Quick Reference Guide: Featuring top botanicals for reproductive health conditions with their key indications, dosing, and hormonal impact in an easy-to-use summary

  • Access to our private closed Facebook group of Perfect Fertility alumni, to connect into a group of fertility experts to discuss cases and additional questions ongoing!