I am so proud to have founded Perfect Fertility and it's an honor every single day when I have the opportunity to be a part of couples' lives as they move into one of the most amazing opportunities in their life: parenthood.

Perfect Fertility was founded in 2010, after several years of clinical practice where I saw hundreds of patients for infertility.  Patients would come in having gone through thousands of dollars of labs and imaging and even more money on procedures to try to skirt around existing fertility challenges- poor quality of eggs and sperm, hormone imbalance, inflammation, weight challenges, and more.  

We take a different approach- Find the root cause.  Remove obstacles to health.  Achieve not only pregnancy, but a healthy baby!  I'm constantly inspired by the couples who I hear from who notice changes in their health and in their cycles, then find out they are pregnant, and then send holiday cards each year!  It's a true honor to be able to be a part of their journey, and yours!


My Story

As a teen, I had challenges with my menstrual cycle.  I recall when I went into my first ObGyn appointment, probably aged 16 or 17, and the doctor prescribed me a birth control pill to "fix" the problem.  I remember asking, "what about when I want to have children?  Shouldn't we fix what's wrong?" and the doctor replied that there are fertility drugs for that.

Thankfully, I found my answers through integrative medicine and did not struggle with fertility myself.  But, that experience is what sparked my interest in an integrative approach, where we used the tools to correct the problem versus covering it up with medications. 

It's no different with fertility- using ICSI with IVF to fertilize an egg and get pregnant doesn't correct the reason why that process can't happen on its own- it simply overrides.  I'm dedicated to helping you get to the bottom of your fertility questions.  Solving the problem.  Allowing your body to conceive naturally.

I look forward to working with you!


Dr. Jaclyn Chasse is a naturopathic physician dedicated to helping couples conceive naturally.  Her entire practice, Perfect Fertility, is dedicated to fertility and family health.  

Dr. Chasse is a graduate of Bastyr University, an avid writer and speaker, Past President of the NH Association of Naturopathic Doctors, and the current President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.  She's served on several boards including the American Herbal Products Association and several others.  

In addition to doctor, Dr. Chasse's proudest role is of Mother, to a bustling houseful of children and dogs.  They enjoy any family time that includes cuddles, laughter, cooking, gardening, or travel!