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The 3 Things You Must Do to Prevent a Miscarriage

Miscarriage is one of the most difficult aspects of infertility.  When I work with couples having trouble getting pregnant, and then they get pregnant, it’s a celebration for all of us!  And losing a pregnancy (or more than one) can be a roller coaster of emotions- where you almost don’t even want to get your hopes up AFTER you find out you’re pregnant, in case something happens…

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Starting at the Beginning: Addressing Obesity

Several lifestyle factors have been identified which can promote optimal fertility, including dietary behaviors, stress management, and maintenance of a healthy weight.  In addition, adequate nutrient status can influence not only the ability to get pregnant, but the health of the egg and sperm, and thus the health of the child born to those parents.  The following interventions can greatly influence fertility, and it is recommended that all couples trying to conceive consider these interventions, whether they have trouble with fertility or not.

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