Perfect Fertility Clinician Education 

Unfortunately, the number of patients struggling with infertility is on the rise.  Today, more than 1 in 8 couples struggles to conceive.  Dr. Chasse is passionate about bringing the Perfect Fertility methods to more practitioners so that you can have greater success with your patients in helping them not only conceive, but have a healthy child!  Our practitioner's favorite programs are here:


Integrative Approaches to Infertility

Our flagship practitioner program, this self-serve 8-hour CEU program covers the fundamentals of integrative approaches to infertility.  Topics include preconception care, male and female diagnosis and treatment, managing miscarriage and more.

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Fertility Mentorship

Our most intensive program, this fertility mentorship is reserved only for practitioners looking to move their expertise to the next level.  Completion of Integrative Approaches to Infertility is a prerequisite to the mentorship.  


Environmental Impact on Infertility & the Fertility Detox

Our special topic for Winter 2017 is environmental medicine, toxicity, and infertility.  This is one of the biggest drivers of infertility for couples, and needs to be addressed with a preconception-safe detox plan!