Perfect Fertility training programs

Unfortunately, the number of patients struggling with infertility is on the rise.  Today, more than 1 in 8 couples struggles to conceive.  Dr. Chasse is passionate about bringing the Perfect Fertility methods to more practitioners so that you can have greater success with your patients in helping them not only conceive, but have a healthy child!  Our practitioner's favorite programs are here:


infertility & PCOS

PCOS is the most common hormonal imbalance in women, affecting nearly 10% of women of reproductive age.  This course provides an overview of PCOS- including screening, diagnosis, and treatment for women with PCOS, and focuses on how to assist women with achieving pregnancy and meeting their unique needs.


Environmental medicine & toxicity are one of today's biggest contributors to  infertility for couples, and needs to be addressed thoroughly by clinicians.  This 3-hour course reviews how!


conventional approaches to infertility

This course provides integrative clinicians with an overview of the most common infertility interventions utilized by ObGyns and Reproductive Endocrinologists, including medications & procedures.

Herbal medicine for infertility & hormone balance

This course will provide you with everything you could want to know about herbal medicine for infertility & hormone balance.  We'll cover key herbal medicines for both men's and women's health.