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Perfect Fertility was founded in 2010, after several years of clinical practice where I saw hundreds of patients for infertility.  Patients would come in having gone through thousands of dollars of labs and imaging and even more money on procedures to try to skirt around existing fertility challenges- poor quality of eggs and sperm, hormone imbalance, inflammation, weight challenges, and more.  

We take a different approach- Find the root cause.  Remove obstacles to health.  Achieve not only pregnancy, but a healthy baby!  I'm constantly inspired by the couples who I hear from who notice changes in their health and in their cycles, then find out they are pregnant, and then send holiday cards each year!  It's a true honor to be able to be a part of their journey, and yours!


At Perfect Fertility, our ultimate goal is YOUR fertility!  We believe that for the vast majority of couples, fertility is an innate gift- something we are born with.  Today, with stressful lifestyles, poor diets, inadequate sleep and movement, and environmental pollutants, our fertility is challenged.  Add to this the desire of many couples to get pregnant later in life and fertility can become even more strained.  

But, we're here for you!  Our programs can walk you through correction of the issues that are making it tough for you to conceive.  Or, we can arrange a personal appointment to dive into your specific fertility concerns and correct them so that you can grow your family.

Welcome to our family!  Let us help you grow yours!