Spring 2017 Program Specials  

Dr. Chasse is preparing to welcome a new little one to her family at the end of the month, and is excited to share in the special down time with her family.  In the spirit of sharing and celebration, we're relaunching our most popular program, and also offering 3 BRAND NEW courses, all at a 25% discount to you!


Fertility Foundations, Self-Paced

Our most popular program, this comprehensive introductory fertility course is a MUST for any clinicians wanting to become proficient in the integrative medical approach to male and female infertility and preconception care.

8 hour CE-approved course, including 1 hour of pharmacy CEs

$395  (Use code SPRING17 to save 25%)

Infertility in the PCOS Patient

PCOS is the most common hormonal imbalance in women, and one of the top causes of infertility in women.  This 1.5 hour course will provide you with what you need to identify, diagnose, and treat women with PCOS and help them achieve pregnancy with ease!  Includes Dr. Chasse's treatment plan, in an editable version for your practice!

1.5 hour CEU

$129 (Use code SPRING17 to save 25%)


Understanding Conventional Approaches to Infertility

A solid understanding of conventional fertility protocols  is ESSENTIAL for integrative clinicians to understand in order to properly and safely work with a patient concurrently. This course provides attendees with an understanding of medicated cycles, IUI, and IVF protocols to allow you to make confident decisions about what is best for your patient.

1.5 hour CEU

$129 (Use code SPRING17 to save 25%)

Environmental Medicine, Epigenetics, and Infertility

One of the MOST important topics to discuss, as the environment becomes an increasing problem driving increased rates of infertility and decreasing health of children!  This 3 week course is divided into 3 topics: Environmental Medicine & Infertility, Epigenetics and Preconception, and Detoxing for Infertility.

4 hour CEU

$229 (Use code SPRING17 to save 25%)