There is SO much variation in supplement  quality out there in the marketplace. 

You really do, in many cases, get what you pay for.  How do I know?  I've been intimately involved in nutritional supplement quality for over 10 years.  For over 5, I've led the group responsible for supplement quality for the largest distributor of dietary supplements in the healthcare space.  I've seen it all.

How do I know about quality?

  • Trainings, meetings, and lots of learning on what goes into a supplement's quality
  • Being responsible for our own facilities' compliance with FDA & FTC laws- managing audits of our facilities
  • Touring the facilities of dozens of manufacturers and seeing the difference in sourcing of ingredients and quality testing
  • Managing testing of supplements through trusted independent labs

There's more.  Even professional brands are now accessible through tons on online megastores like Amazon and eBay.  This is not a good thing.  While it's easy for you to FIND things, Amazon is NOT an expert in how to ensure the quality of supplements- to them, they're just another Widget.  But to us, they're essential parts of our health.  

That's why I use an online dispensary (called Wellevate) to manage all of the supplements I recommend for clients.  They make it just as easy to order online, but I can send customized recommendations, and I KNOW they hold the supplements appropriately.  

If you can't tell, I am VERY passionate about ensuring that clients, and consumers in general, get access to the highest quality supplements.  

How to access supplements

You can access top quality supplements by registering for Dr. Chasse's online store, or dispensary.  You can view some of my favorite products here, view my current and previous recommendations for you (if you're a client), and search over 35,000 supplements, personal care items (like natural sunscreens) and more.  Sign up today!  

Clients & Perfect Fertility Members receive a 25% discount on all supplements purchased through this dispensary link.

**Please note, I do earn about 10% of the sale price in a profit, which helps me to sustain my practice, keep visit costs lower, spend more time with clients, and have time to share info to everyone.  The majority of the profit available to me I choose to pass on to you as a discount, as what's most important to me is for you to get affordable access!  Of course, you can always choose to purchase recommended supplements anywhere!**