the mentorship

become a true fertility expert & grow a thriving fertility practice!

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This advanced mentorship is intended to advance and deepen your understanding and expertise in the management of infertility.  My goal is to provide a customized program for a small group of practitioners dedicated to becoming experts in infertility.

This high-touch mentorship focuses on in-depth learning on evaluation and integrative medical approaches to infertility including nutrition, lifestyle management, botanical medicine, nutrient supplementation, and more.  We will also deepen your understanding of conventional treatment methods including pharmaceutical support, intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

This in-depth mentorship includes:

  1. Monthly CE presentations to expand your fertility expertise!  (12 hours, self-served content)
  2. Monthly Business Topic Presentations to guide your practice growth!  We'll talk about everything from identifying yourself as an expert, finding fertility patients, collaborating with conventional colleagues, building an email list, social media tactics, branding, and more!
  3. Monthly mentorship grand rounds  (1 hour, every second Wed of the month) featuring new research, case discussion, and covering topics of choice to the group. (18 hours)
  4. Case of the Month- A complete case for workup and discussion, including additional practice with lab interpretation, the most requested piece of the mentorship.
  5. Quarterly one-on-one calls with Dr. Chasse to discuss your specific questions, difficult cases, and more.  This time is yours!
  6. Access to Dr. Chasse's patient materials, protocols, clinic templates, and more for infertility to adopt and use in your practice.
  7. Inclusion in a Member's Only closed discussion group for ongoing discussion (the Ovum), where we discuss and get ready to fertilize new ideas!
  8. Affiliate opportunities for patient-directed fertility programs, where you can sign patients up for Perfect Fertility's online patient programs and earn extra revenue for your practice! 
  9. In-Person Meet-Ups (optional) in coordination with the Integrative Fertility Symposium and AANP Convention
  10. Plus, ongoing access to the foundational Perfect Fertility course for FREE! ($395 value)

This mentorship provides a base of 30 hours of NEW CE content, plus one-on-one time with Dr. Chasse for personal mentorship based around your own needs!   Recordings will be available for those who cannot attend live.

Foundational course material (8 hours):  

  • Introduction to Infertility
  • Preconception Care
  • Evaluation of the Infertile Female
  • Management of Female Infertility
  • Egg Quality and Fertility over Fourty
  • Evaluation of the Infertile Male
  • Management of Male Infertility
  • Managing Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

NEW CE content (released monthly), including:

  • Environmental Medicine and Infertility 
  • Enhancing Fertility in the PCOS patient 
  • Diving into Unexplained Infertility
  • Materia Medica for Infertility and Hormonal Disruption
  • Conventional Fertility Treatments
  • Uterine and Endometrial causes of Infertility (Fibroids, Endometriosis, and more!)
  • Thyroid and the Adrenal in Infertility
  • and more!  (future topics to be chosen based upon what is desired by mentorship group!)

I look forward to working more closely with you, getting to know you, and helping our patients grow our family!

Our mentorship class is currently full.  To be notified of the next class, in summer 2018, please enter your info here: