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THE testosterone Project

We don’t want to accept aging as the status quo, we want to live the best life we can,

as long as we can, and testosterone is a big piece of this for men. 

— Dr. Jaclyn Chasse


Quality of life is so important for everyone, and with the stresses, toxins, and chronic disease of today's world, our hormones take the biggest hit.  Men today want to stay active well into their elder years, so it's important to constantly be aware of the factors that affect testosterone and other hormones that are involved with healthy aging.  

The Testosterone Project was developed by Dr. Hillary Lampers and Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, naturopaths, who have been listening to the concerns of men who struggle with the challenges of healthy aging.   They wanted to create an informational, functional, and productive program that can  make a difference in these men's lives!  

The best part about technology today, is programs like this can be done in the comfort of your own home.  The Testosterone Project is 5 modules designed to break down the aspects of healthy hormones, all online, thus private and convenient.  


  • Five days of specific information, broken down into active steps that guide you through your current health, what you need to improve on, how to get testing, interpretation of labs, and specific lifestyle and supplemental recommendations that can be implemented now!
  • How and why testosterone is important in a man's life and how lifestyle factors and exposures are affecting your levels.  
  • Questionnaires to assess your own testosterone levels, symptoms, and how to assess what lifestyle factors you need to address to improve your hormonal status. 
  • A lifestyle guide to walk you through changes, as well as supplement and TRT recommendations. 
  • Access to testing your numbers if you live in the United States as well as evaluation without asking your doctor. 
  • Access to Dr. Hillary and Dr. JC to answer your questions during the week of the launch. 
  • Lifetime access to this information so you can keep coming back and working on your health! 

your guides:

Dr. Jaclyn Chasse & Dr. hillary lampers

Dr. Jaclyn Chasse is one of the best in the fields of hormonal and natural fertility medicine.  A graduate of Bastyr University, she is the past President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, VP of Emerson Ecologics, and the founder and owner of Perfect Fertility in Boston  She is a highly sought after speaker, educator, and expert in the field of fertility, and has helped hundreds of couples get pregnant naturally.   Her knowledge of the supplement and drug industries also makes her an expert in supplement and drug safety. 

Dr. Hillary Lampers is co-founder of the StHealthy Hunter brand and the Hunt Harvest Health Podcast with her husband, Ryan Lampers.  She is founder and owner of Sky Valley Healing Arts, a naturopathic medical clinic in Snohomish, WA.  As a graduate ofBastyr University in Seattle, she has practiced for ten years specializing in structural and neurological medicine, with a specialty in nutrition and lifestyle medicine.  She strives to help men and women of all ages achieve vitality and health through lifestyle, structural, and biochemical therapies. 


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Want A Bit More Detail?

Day 1:  Testosterone- The Basics

Presented by Dr. Jaclyn Chasse

Your Testosterone Project begins with learning all about testosterone and the factors that influence it. The discussion focuses on its function in the male body, how it changes through the ages, how other disorders will affect it, and how lifestyle and exposures are adding to it's decline in men of all ages. 

You will also begin your self evaluation with a questionnaire to determine if you are having symptoms of low T. 

This day includes:

  • An email introducing you to the content
  • A video of Dr. JC talking you through all the important points
  • Low T symptom questionnaire


Day 2:  Testosterone for Mood, Motivation, Muscle, and Mojo

Presented by Dr. Hillary Lampers

Day 2 involves learning about the body systems that testosterone affects, and how it's related to your mind, energy, muscle mass, and sex drive.  We will look at the commons signs and symptoms of low T which you can be assessed with how you answered your Day 1 questionnaire

Today's lesson will also have a Current and Desired States worksheet geared towards what YOUR key treatment areas may be.  

Day 2 includes

  • Email content
  • Access to a video of Dr. Hillary covering all that Testosterone does for you
  • Current and Desired States worksheet  to determine what treatment approach you should tackle first


Day 3:  Lab Testing and Interpretation

Presented by Dr. Jaclyn Chasse

Day 3 is all about understanding what labs help assessment of testosterone, and how those numbers need to be interpreted.  We will give you information to get your numbers tested anywhere in the United States, as well as a lab evaluation tool for what are the most optimal numbers for testosterone and the other numbers that are associated with it.  

Day 3 includes

  • Email content
  • A video of Dr. JC walking you through the labs and recommendations
  • Access to get your own labs completed (lab costs are not included in program)
  • Lab interpretation Guide PDF that explains results and "normal" v "optimal"

If you would like a personal medical consult/evaluation with Dr. Hillary or Dr. JC this is an extra option that can be added (details below). 


Day 4:  The Testosterone Lifestyle

Presented by Dr. Hillary Lampers

The 1st three days of TTP have laid the foundation for what needs to be done now to improve your hormonal health.  Day 4 is all about the Lifestyle Plan that can be implemented by you.  We will discuss lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and avoiding exposures, which will give you a plan to conquer your new found discoveries!  

Day 4 includes:

  • Email content
  • A video with Dr. Hillary Lampers discussing the Lifestyle Plan
  • Downloadable Lifestyle Plan


Day 5:  Herbs, Supplements, and TRT

Presented by Dr. Jaclyn Chasse

Now that you know about what lifestyle factors need to be improved, it's time to learn about supplements and if you need to turn to hormone replacement therapy (TRT). Testosterone supplements are not well controlled and in many cases can be dangerous and expose you to unwanted contaminants.  We will go over what supplements and herbs support the male system and testosterone, as well as the legalities and many questions surrounding TRT.  Adding these options to your Lifestyle Plan is the last part of The Testosterone Project. 

Day 5 includes

  • Email content
  • A video of Dr. JC sharing her favorite testosterone-supporting herbs and supplements and going through the TRT options and legalities
  • Sample Testosterone-Enhancing Supplement Regime with specific products and links to purchase
  • Testosterone Replacement Guide with recommended medication options, dosing, and monitoring recommendations

This course is a $397 value and will help you evaluate & manage your testosterone naturally.  Don't miss out!

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