Your Fertility

At Perfect Fertility, our ultimate goal is YOUR fertility!  We believe that for the vast majority of couples, fertility is an innate gift- something we are born with.  Today, with stressful lifestyles, poor diets, inadequate sleep and movement, and environmental pollutants, our fertility is challenged.  Add to this the desire of many couples to get pregnant later in life and fertility can become even more strained.  

Dive in to learn more about the key issues affecting your fertility!

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The foundation of ALL fertility programs, preconception programs not only increase the odds of having a baby, but more importantly of having a HEALTHY baby!  Learn more about what you should do!


Female Fertility 

Women have 3 key needs when trying to conceive- hormone balance, egg quality, and a receptive uterus.   Here, find out more about what drives fertility for women and how to improve your fertility with our without the drugs and IVF!

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Male Fertility

Male fertility seems straightforward, but when sperm health is compromised, it can make it difficult to conceive AND difficult to find out why the sperm isn't at its best. Here, learn more about how to improve sperm health!